Well, well, I know I’m late to the party of writing new year/goodbye year posts. Gosh, like 3 days. Call the police. But late is always fashionable, right? And law bends way for style, apparently.

So, in this post, I’m going to talk about what I want to happen in 2017. Hopefully this year will be a good one. (Not pointing fingers, but I am pointing fingers.) Anyways, this post will include:

  • Reading goals
  • Blog stat goals
  • Social media goals
  • Blogging Goals
  • Writing goals
  • Reviewing Goals

Is it just me, or am I writing goals way too much? It seems weird now.

Reading Goals

  • Read 125 books this year… (I’m like, 0% done with that so far. Great start.? ALso, it’s my Goodreads reading challenge. GR is literally the best. You can visit my Goodreads here.)
  • Read more historical fiction and non-fiction books. (Guys, I need to become more cultured.)
  • Update my reading progress/thoughts on GR more

So, I have a bunch of things I want to accomplish regarding my reading…

Mostly that I want to read more. I mean, why not? Although there can be disarming side effects, (you can read my post about that here.) it’s finee.

Blot Stat Goals

Heheh.. so I want to try and improve my measly stats by the end of the year.. heh.

I know this is probably a long shot, but

  • 100 followers (To be more specific, followers that aren’t my mom or sister. And no, they don’t know that I created WordPress accounts for them.)
  • ~30 comments avg. (Meh. I want to talk with humans and not just the voices in my head.)
  • ~50 views avg. (My posts need attention.)

Okay, well, this is probably not going to get accomplished.. I mean, it would be cool to be the queen of an EMPIRE. At least I have my castle of books. (See, THIS is why you have lots of books. I mean, reading, yeah, it’s awesome. But having a secret fort and hiding in it? Also great.)

Social Media Goals

So this is also partially going to be statistic stuff. Numbers are cool.

  • 150 followers on Instagram (I need more friends.)
  • Posting more bookstagram posts (It just so happens that I have NO photo editing skills, and almost less owned books. Most of my books are library or ebook reads and they are darn hard to photograph.)
  • Prettier #bookstagram posts (The REASON I get contemporary books is because they are pretty. Almost all of my young adult books are blue/dark colors??? I also get contemporary to read, but that’s beside the point.)
  • More colorful pictures (See above mentioned point.)
  • Use Pinterest more (Haha… I don’t use it that much. But I have to admit, they are very pretty. I want to try and create boards relating to books that I’m going to write~~ inspiration stuffs I guess. I know that stuffs is not a word… I think. Idk, I’m in the USA #wedoeverythingdifferenttobespecial )

I need to use social media for my blog more.

Blogging Goals

Oh, so I have a whole torrent of things I am going to add to this blog.

  • Post more frequently/have a consistent schedule (Because I know you all want more.)
  • Have a wider range of posts about reading that aren’t reviews (I NEED MORE MATERIAL.)
  • Cut down on the review posts. (Instead, I’m just going to put the requested review books on the blog, and most of the others on Goodreads. Unless they are REALLY good. But most of my reviews will have links available to their respective review on Goodreads in the reviews section. #organizedbutdontlookinmycloset )
  • Blog about writing and life. (This is a thing I need to do so that people think that I actually go out and socialize?? Like, pretend I don’t huddle up in my cave with books all day?? It’s really quite curious.)
  • Start stuff. (I know, I know, I am not being vague at all. But I want to actually create challenges and stuff. And also- have more pages.
  • Actually have a real banner and logo. (So. I’m horrible at designing stuff. I have no skillz on the editing. I have no logo, official profile pic, or a proper banner for my blog.)
  • Plan out more blog posts. (Seriously, #organizedbutnotreally )

Writing Goals

So, I actually write quite a lot. But I don’t really post about it much??

  • Post more about what I’m writing. (So you can all pretend that I’m fantastic. Even though I am. *flips hair*)
  • Write more. (So, actually, I need to start planning out books and stuff more. Maybe I should write more retellings or maybe contemporary. I actually had an idea for contemporary and it’s really funny because I had this idea a couple years ago about a girl who loses her memory and so she writes everything into a journal.. It’s actually a real book now by this author named Lara Avery, so that’s interesting. I haven’t read it yet, though. )

Reviewing Goals

So. Many. Books. To. Review.

  • Review more. (So if I read a book and then forget to review it.. I just get swept up by the waves and that review’s potential existence becomes lost in all the choas.)
  • Have longer reviews. (I have a TON of mini reviews that I REALLY need to embellish. I have a ton of reviews that I need to elaborate on. This isn’t looking too good for me, is it?)
  • Have more GIFs and quotes in my reviews. (Yeah, so I normally don’t include the summaries, either. I should probably do that.)


Well, I have a TON to do over the year.

This is probably not what’s actually going to happen, though. I’m totally going to get right on working on these resolutions because I am an extremely responsible young blogger.

So, this was a long post. Full of empty hopes 🙂 As you can see, I’m an optimist.

So, what are your goals for 2017? Are you excited for 2017?