I’m here. To discuss. A problem. With you. It’s writing random fragments and making them sentences finding so many cliches in young adult fantasy. Sorry, but this will slightly seem like a rant. This is an organized list (Because I am OH SO organized.) of common cliches that I see often in young adult fantasy books.

1. Add the Special Snowflake Protagonist

We all know it. The “only YOU can save the world” cliche used in many, many, books.

Why can only the main character save the world? Like, if I’m not the main character in my story (which I totally am, btw) why can’t I save the world? If I’m not the one saving the world from eternal darkness and chaos, I’d probably throw a fit. And then most likely ruin the whole atmosphere. So word of caution: always let Julianna be the worldsaver. (Yes, worldsaver is now a word because the worldsaver deems it so.)

It’s usually something like, “The world(‘s fate) is in her/his hands.” Like, okay then. It’s probably heavy, why doesn’t she give it to me where it’ll be safe? I’m totally strong. I even sometimes get up from my couch to get more pretzels.

2. Mix In Lower Class, No Parents, and No Family

Come on, why does the main character always have to be someone that’s living on the streets and always pitied?

‘Cause the protagonist don’t need no pity, they’re a REAL person.

3. Government is All-Powerful and Totally Evil

This could pretty much apply to most villains as well.

We like 3D, thanks, not 1 dimension.

And why is the government so evil? I mean, I’m evil too, so I can relate, but I still like cookies. And the government usually doesn’t like cookies OR fluffy things. We need a relatable villain here, peoples!

4. A Rebellion

Always the classic, “[insert name], you have to start a rebellion. We must garner the support of the people, that’s the only way to destroy the government. THE ONLY WAY.”

Why must it be a rebellion? It’s not really necessary, you can just explode stuff, right? That’s what I do.

5. The Knight/Prince/Rugged Blacksmith Guy In Shining Armor

See, this whole thing about perfect guys/girls who are PERFECT makes me sad, alright? Because no one is like that in real life. But, you know, instead of accepting the sad reality most bookworms (including me) decide to try and summon them from the other world where fictional characters actually exist flop on their pillow and pretend that they exist.

Anyways, sometimes this has a little variety. Usually, they feel PRESSURE from their families and SECRETLY wish they were NORMAL. Or, they are horrible and super mean to the protagonist but then the protagonist suddenly discovers that, oh- wait-, he’s actually super sweet and loves flowers and skies… etc.

6. The Love Interest Falls For MC Immediately

Or they have secretly loved him/her all their life, and have always hid it from them because they were scared. Either way, apparently the MC is lovable? What is lovable? Is it a disease??

MC = main character, btw. Am I not kind and compassionate, going so far to have thought about the views of my readers? [Spoiler: I am.]

7. The Eyes

“His eyes were like pools of moonlight with fairies dancing in them to the singing flowers that were full of nectar that splashed around and sparkled so much you could actually taste the sweetness without tasting it which was also, coincidentally, on the shore, where a bunch of angry clouds gathered around in a storm, causing the icy waters to break across the sea green, blue, grey, purple, and light beige waves to fall onto the brown,  twisted, gnarled, oak tree.”

I mean, is he okay, though? He has this whole ecosystem going on in his eyes, it must be hard to carry fairies in your head. They’re constantly dripping glitter.

8. The “Everybody Loves the MC”

Like I said, we need more RELATABLE people, okay? I’m a dragon, and not everyone likes me. I am TOTALLY likable. The main character need not be likable, just able to handle and dagger and maybe a heck lot little bit of blood.


Anyways, this is kind of a rant in the form of a list. I know this was a long one. Thanks for reading this far.

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