In this post I’m going to look at a cover. And then I’ll judge it. I may or may not fail. This is actually my first time doing a blogging meme. So I’ll probably fail (just a heads up).

For this post I’m doing a meme by Sailing Through Books, and I’ll link back to their post: When I First Saw You.

Basically, I’m choosing one of the covers and I’ll write a fake synopsis, etc. and then I’ll compare it to the real one.

The book’s cover that I’m choosing is Bad Blood by Demitria Lunetta.

(It links to the goodreads page. your welcome.)

Anyways, here is the cover:

Image result for bad blood demitria lunetta

So, first, I’m going to address different elements, I guess.

The girl: She’s standing there, with an arm behind her. Okay. Probably a sign of nervousness- she most likely is different than others/is going somewhere/etc. Wearing a dress that’s white- is that a sign of innocence?

The creepy bats/birds/genetically enhanced creatures: I’ve got no idea what those are. Probably birds. Since they are surrounding a castle, it probably gives off a signal of creepiness- like “BE WEARY”. (I’m always weary whenever I think my food is suddenly going to become sentient and attack me.)

The castle/schoolhouse thingy: So, that’s probably where she’s headed. Is it a den of vampires? Most likely, considering everything is reddish. And everything nowadays is about vampires. Why don’t the zombies get some love?

The reddish/background: Well, it looks like it’s a clear day. But as you go upwards the gradient is lowering? Probably a sign that says “Oh, it looks fine on the outside but there’s actually tons of secrety secrets lying around.” And it’s reddish. Blood? Vampires? And it’s a bit blurry around the words. Some misconception/obscure future. Something around those lines.

“Some things are better kept in the shadows.” What. Okay, so just fyi, I probably wouldn’t read this, tbh. It seems like a cliche “No, don’t poke the tiger or else THERE WILL BE A SECRET BASEMENT WITH SECRET SECRETS THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW. And then the hero/ine pokes the tiger and then they FIND OUT THE SECRET SECRETS and they run away crying and very upset.” Like, just DON’T poke the tiger.

Predicted Synopsis:

[Insert Name] is going to a new town, where there’ll be a new house, a new school, and a whole new Costco. But it turns out that the beautiful stone school [Insert vampiry name] has more secrets than [Insert Name] had thought, specifically one BIG secret. It’s a school for vampires. [Insert Name] needs to learn how to cope, and after she goes poking around, she learns that hidden pasts don’t always stay buried.

(More cliches galore. Also, full apologies if it turns out that this story is not cliche at all.)

So, now for the unveiling. (dunnnnn dunnnnn dunnnn.)

25226075A girl discovers a family secret and a past full of magic that could both save her and put her in mortal danger in this suspenseful novel that’s perfect for fans of Katie Alender and Natasha Preston.

All sixteen-year-old Heather MacNair wants is to feel normal, to shed the intense paranoia she’s worn all year like a scratchy sweater. After her compulsion to self-harm came to light, Heather was kept under her doctor’s watchful eye. Her family thinks she’s better—and there’s nothing she wants more than for that to be true. She still can’t believe she’s allowed to spend her summer vacation as she always does: at her aunt’s home in Scotland, where she has lots of happy memories. Far away from all her problems save one: she can’t stop carving the Celtic knot that haunts her dreams into her skin.

Good friends and boys with Scottish accents can cure almost anything…except nightmares. Heather can’t stop dreaming about two sisters from centuries ago, twins Prudence and Primrose, who somehow seem tied to her own life. Their presence lurks just beneath the surface of her consciousness, sending ripples through what should be a peaceful summer. The twins might hold the key to putting Heather’s soul at rest…or they could slice her future deeper than any knife.

Okay.Well… okay. No vampires I guess. And no school. That place is actually her aunt’s house! Whoa. Okay. I was dead wrong. Dead, just like those nonexistent vampires. This story actually sounds good. Vampire stories can only get so much revenue, I guess.

Ok. So I kind of failed. Whoops.

Heheh. I underestimate books. Just like I underestimate most things. Just like we’ve underestimated the lizards and they’ve taken over the government pretending to be humans.



Here are some updates on my blog/life/etc (Do you care? Spoiler: You do.):

  • So, I’m probably going to post more memes on this blog.
    • Also, I actually didn’t know that blogging memes were a thing until I started reading them. I thought they were just things like Pepe, etc.
  • I’m reading The Orphan’s Tale right now and it’s good so far!
  • I’m going to put up a lot more reviews. Also, I’m going to move all of my posts from my old blog, Threaded Pages, here. On Saturday (1/14/17, in case you don’t have a calendar nearby although you actually do on your computer. Look at me. I’m already helping people with technology, just like a real millennial.). They consist of mostly reviews, and one life/help post.

So, do you ever fail at cover judging? If so, have you ever bought a book just because of the cover? And were they good or bad?