I love historical fiction. Especially ones about the Holocaust. This book is up there with all of the greatest historical fiction novels.
It was one of those novels that just… clicks. The plot is exciting and I could really relate with Noa. I LOVED Astrid, but she was understandably annoying at first. AND tHAT PLOT TWIST thing. Well, I mean.. it could be considered a plot twist? I don’t know. The rules of books are very gray.


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Noa is a character that you can really relate to. She’s young and naive, but she slowly becomes more wise and selfless. Her backstory wasn’t as well constructed as Astrid’s was, but you could really feel her raw emotion and her personality. The character development was absolutely beautifully created. Noa goes from a gullible girl to a smart and more clever girl, but she still easily trusts others.

Astrid is a fiery Jew, and she’s very experienced in life. She’s more prone to cautiousness, and she is sort of a motherly/big sisterly figure towards Noa. She’s also INCREDIBLY talented, which I loved, because I LOVE protagonists that actually can DO stuff. Her past has been a lot harder than Noa’s mostly because she’s a Jew.


The plot was beautifully made, and there is plot twist (well, kinda ish).

Also, it’s in a circus:

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So basically Noa and Astrid are at the circus, which is so COOL- and they go on the trapeze. I think that that’s really cool, mainly because a) you need lots of skill for that and b) I’d be DEATHLY terrified.

Anyways, Astrid is a Jew and Noa is hiding a baby named Theo. They have to try and deflect things whenever the agents come knocking for inspection, etc.
I think that the ending made a lot of sense, in a way. I mean, (SPOILER) it’s not really a happy ending. I mean, happy endings are hard, during World War II. So it was very realistic.

Thanks to Mira//Harlequin for providing me with an ARC! All opinions are solely my own.