Well, obviously my wishes should be fulfilled because I say so. I mean, well, I love reading romance as well, but sometimes just romance is annoying. I LOVE drama. Including romance-related drama. Or maybe fighting. And political plots.

Today this is a weekly Top Ten Tuesday meme prompt made by The Broke and the Bookish. You can find the linkup here.

Anyways, there are WAY too many books that I wish had more action/plot whatever.

And yes, I know that the prompt is for 10 books BUT I decided to do nine because I can only fit

And of course, since I’m ever so tech-savvy and rad with the trends of our society, the book titles are linked to their respective links to my reviews of each. (#skill but not really because all I did was click the link button and put in a link. Actually it was a lot easier than I thought because earlier I pasted in this whole line of code into the HTML zone, and I did it incorrectly.)

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Diplomatic Immunity

I don’t know, I feel like there one of the bigger plot problems was that it focused solely on the romance. There was this whole buildup to whether she got the Bennington Scholarship or not, but honestly, it hardly focused on the academics part, sadly.

Anna and the French Kiss

Now, I pretty much adored this book. However… there were some side problems relating to the character’s tension within their families and I feel like none of that was really solved? None of them fixed their relationships, which I really wanted to see.

P.S. I Like You

Well, this is all about the romantic angst. But also, it’s about Lily trying to connect with herself and her inner musician. But I don’t see her career as a musician growing. All I see is the guy holding up a mustache sign. I mean, I’ve got nothin’ against mustaches, but…

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The Orphan’s Tale

Okayy. I gave this five stars. You know why? ‘Cause it’s great. But I feel like there wasn’t much action until the last 25% of the book. Most of it was just suspended tension. Yes, I understand that this is a historical fiction and it might be kind of hard, BUT MY NEEDS AS A DRAGON MUST BE SATED.

Something in Between

Alright, alright. The “action” of this was the battle for citizenship/a visa to be in the USA. But you couldn’t have added some more plot? Honestly, it felt like this was more a romance novel rather than a self-discovery novel, which made me sad.But I still loved it!

The Graces

Wooooo, magical realism. A genre that is very hard to read for me. I don’t know why. Alright, I loved this book. But asides from everything, it wasn’t really about magic until the end. This felt like more of a… novella? Prequel? I don’t know. I really want the next book to be more about magic, though. Definitely.

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The Glittering Court

Um, sorry. But this was super boring? I thought this was like a cool book where Adelaide (that’s not her real name, they don’t even reveal her real name until the end.) had to navigate her way through secrets? I didn’t realize that it was about a contest where girls had to compete to see who wanted to sit around and admire pretty forks? Plot actually kicked up a little, but only at around the last 50 pages. Sorry, folks. There are 400 pages.

The Impossible Fortress

I actually thought that this romance was super cute. But the HUGE problem that was “looming over their relationship” didn’t even exist until the end. This whole action-y plot only started in at the end. Romance, cute, yep. Plot, annoying, yup.


I’m A HUGE fan of Marissa Meyer (Cinder?) and I loved this book. However, as I noticed in some other reviews, it hardly has action until the end, and it escalated rather quickly. There was this whole charade of falling in love and baking, etc. etc. Where my daggers at?


Okay, so this was a collection of books I DIDN’T like, and books that I ABSOLUTELY ADORED. But most of them had no exciting plot besides romance. Like I said, I love romance, but come on, gimme some DRAMA.

What do you guys like to see in a book? Lots of romance? Or some action-y stabbing? I like both.