So this is a list of reasons I might not like that book… surprised??? It’s not like the title gave you any clue, of course.

And of course everyone wants to get a peek at the strange and mysterious inner workings of my mind… because you know, I’m strange and mysterious like that.

I mean, I guess I already had a list of cliches that happen in books so that’s kinda related to this… but this has a more expansive view than the list of cliches.

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So… this one is pretty obvious. There are books that one or two cliches, and they do it brilliantly. And there are other books that have cliches… and they don’t do it brilliantly.

                    Protagonist: I’m not special at all, I’m just a plain girl!

                    The Plot: Actually, you have powers.

                    The Plot: And you’re special.

                    The Protagonist: What?

                    The Plot: And you’re supposed to save the world.

                    The Protagonist: Oh, well then I MUST ACCEPT MY DESTINY

                    The Plot: Also, you’re super beautiful

                    Protagonist: Wait wha-

                    The Plot: -and everyone’s in love with you but you don’t know it.

                    The Wall Closest To Me: Where the heck did this book come from?

Pretty much me all the time:

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The Love Triangle

Honestly, there are books that have love triangles and are just great with them.. (for example SHADOW AND BONE) and then there are books that throw in love triangles because… why not? (cough. cough.)


Frankly, it’s annoying when IT’S SO PLAINLY OBVIOUS WHO THE MAIN CHARACTER likes but they “hold off” on deciding because there “needs to be more romantic angst.” And also apparently another reason the MC doesn’t “decide” is because they don’t want to hurt one of their feelings???

I understand, but you’re only going to end hurting them MORE. Also I’ve been living without caring about others in my cave and I’ve gone on fine.. obviously.

Them Dang Endings

Oh, oh, don’t you just hate when the book just stops. Like, it just stops.

Okay, I’m fine with books stopping, (well, mostly.. *sobs*) but here I’m targeting a specific type of books that end. Books that end:

  • Without a REAL conclusion. Specifically, I’m targeting romance books in this case. I hate books that have real problems, but they don’t solve them!! For example, (not referring to a specific book) a girl is trying really hard to get into college. But suddenly, a boy falls from the sky (tall, dark, and handsome, obvs, because of course there can’t be flaws) and then… wait for it… they fall in love??? And then the book ends??? And then what happens with college??? I WANT TO KNOW.

Honestly though, is that just me? I still want to know more about the plot, not just the romance. I want to know if the evil queen is alive.

  • With an unrealistic conclusion. Excuse me miss, but this is a dystopian fantasy with tons of chemicals that kill everyone, and you’re telling ME that everyone LIVES? I’ve read enough books to know that the golden fantasy author’s rule is to kill off at least two characters that the readers love/that the readers will cry for.

OKAY but is this a real rule because why do I always dang cry whenever I read books (in my soul, of course. Dragons don’t cry.)

Clunky Writing

Um… is it just me? I feel like I have DNF’d so many books just because it was so. hard. to read. Because of the style of writing! Do you guys ever have any of those types of problems? Also, it can be really hard to read poetry fiction sometimes. Especially on an ebook. (referencing myself because currently I’m only around 10% into a prose-written book that I’ve been reading for MONTHS. And I’ve finished so many books on the side. I’m disappointed in myself.)

Okay, I could keep on ranting about what’s wrong in books, but the list is wayy too long. Does this ever happen to you?

Because sometimes I feel like I’m going through books like this:


I don’t know, maybe I’m just too picky. Who knows?

Do you guys ever just put down a book because of one of these reasons? Or something else? Who knows?