Updates! The May 2.0 Version // Not Really a Revamp + WordPress Woes

This is the May 2.0 version because I already did a May version but it’s the same month. I guess I’m too productive haha ahaaa.. yeah, nope

I don’t know if this is considered a revamp, ok? All I did was change the header… and the button thing. THAT IS ALL.

And ughhhhhhhhhhhh = my emotions while doing it.

And that was past me. Present me just started writing this post, and I just changed from Baskerville to Baskerville 2 (apparently it was better but I DIDN’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCES) and I discovered that…

a) there’s no way to get back to home.


b) there are no parent/child pages

Okay, so #WHATEVENWORDPERSS *cue screaming, but not in fangirl joy, in blogger frustration* For some reason there is no more ‘home’ page so, um, guys… you have to use the back arrow now.

And well, the parent/child pages don’t matter as much, I guess. But still,

I didn’t realize the consequnces.

But then I fixed it! So, YAYYYY. (This edit was made like, two days later)

Sooooooo… yeah. Now, for the list of my changes!!

  • I changed to Baskerville 2
    • Because, differences?
      • YES THERE ARE DIFFERENCES *cries inside*
  • I changed my header to this blue green watercolor thing
  • I changed my icon thing (I still haven’t changed it for my social media)
  • Designs on the sidebar
  • I have a divider thing! I made it in two seconds using MS Paint, but I’M STILL HAPPY WITH IT!

watercolor streak

But I also still have frustrations with my header. For example, this is the picture of what I uploaded for my header:


and um, as for what it ACTUALLY looks like on my blog… it’s more grayed out? And zoomed in?? Even though I used the suggested measurements?? for some weird reason that I cannot fathom*??

*Look at me using big (kind of) words! I AM ADULTING.

watercolor streak

And ALSO, for the sidebar, I have put in PICTURES so that the titles are designed! Yay!

(Inspired from May‘s blog [LOOK AT HOW PRETTY HER BLOG IS]. hahahahaaaa please don’t kill me cause I took your idea.)

watercolor streak

Also, the theme of my blog is a sea-green/turquoise watercolor theme because I’ve seen watercolor themed blogs and they are soooo pretty!

watercolor streak

But, alsooooooo: look at my icon!

I made this using Canva!!

And look at my sidebar headings!


I used the same watercolor effect for EVERYTHING so it may or may not seem repetitive but WHATEVER..

watercolor streak

Okay, so that was just an update about my blog stuff. And how it’s not all black and white and boring. But this blog post was PROBABLY boring. So if you read this far, here’s a cookie:

Image result for cookie gif
A gif of a cookie.. you didn’t think I would give a real one, would you??

So, yeah, this was just a short update! I’ll be posting tomorrow. My new schedule, by the way, is going to be every three days. Starting Friday.

Oh, also: I changed the font of the featured icon. I am experimenting with all of that right now, so I might change it.


22 thoughts on “Updates! The May 2.0 Version // Not Really a Revamp + WordPress Woes

Add yours

  1. IT LOOKS GREAT, JULIANNA. And lol idk what the differences between Baskerville and Baskerville 2 is. Hmm, idk about the home button thing??? But I know that for the parent/child pages (I call them pages and subpages), go to Customize, then Menus, then Primary Menu, and then I think you click on something like “Display in Primary Menu”. SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

    And no I don’t mind that you were inspired by me! In fact, I was inspired by someone else. XD Also while exploring your sidebar: OMG HOW DID YOU READ 53 BOOKS ALREADY. *wails* I seriously wish I was a fast reader. SOMEONE GIVE ME MANGOES.

    PS The home button thing is weird because when I tried out the Try & Customize feature (customizing the theme for your blog without actually activiating the theme), I think I had a home button? But idk because #memoryproblems.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU.

      Haha cool! We’re the same in everything else ANYWAYS. AND I DO NOT KNOW I STRESS READ INSTEAD OF DOING STUFF TO HELP MY FUTURE?? READ BOOKS ABOUT MANGOES?? Ooh you should write a story in a rainforest where they eat mangoes like ALL of the time..

      AHHHH ok I’m figuring the theme customization out as I go bc I AM BAD AT PROGRAMMING + like, everything else.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Julianna happy to be your partner on crime for the coming weeks. Even more happy to see I was not the only one.struggling with setting.or revamping a blog LOL..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think watercolor themes are so pretty as well. Canva has been a lifesaver for me. I do not consider myself to have any kind of skill when it comes to graphics, but after a couple of alternative themes, I really like the layout of my blog and it’s mostly thanks to canva. Love the new look!

    Liked by 1 person

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