I read.

I read different types of books, including fantasy and young adult. I also love reading other types of books including suspense and contemporary. If it’s an extremely hyped book, I will probably read it (I succumb to peer pressure easily if everyone in the book community is screaming about it). However, I don’t read horror because my bunny slippers are easily frightened and I don’t want my feet to be cold. Obviously I’m not scared easily. Obviously.

I review.

I review books that I feel strongly about. Sometimes I’ll rate a book on my Goodreads but I won’t post a review until a couple days or a week later, mostly because I’m a lazy butt I have a busy life to get to (I’m still in school! Whoo, learning!). I try to remember all of the feelings I have about the book. When I review a book I try to consider its characters, plot, theme, and general writing overall. I also judge covers. (Don’t learn from me, kids.)

I also (will) review on War and Tea, but that’s on hiatus for now.

I breathe fire.

I might secretly be a dragon in human form, who knows? I do know that I love hoarding books and spitting fire at people I don’t like. But generally, if I’m not spitting fire, I’m a nice person. I mean, that’s what my friends said after I brandished my daggers. My treasure consists of mac & cheese, cheesecake, and (of course) books.

I like to say I’m a trendy person, but really I’m too busy reading to pay attention to the trends. (Planking’s still a thing, right?)

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