November Recap 2017 // Went Viral On Twitter & Hahaha More Like NaNOOOOWriMo

Hi. I went viral on Twitter and that's the #1 thing that happened this month. I mean, sure, I read some books that were fine, I guess. And I also received some really cool books. BUT I WENT VIRAL ON TWITTER, GUYS. THIS IS MY MOST PROUD ACCOMPLISHMENT ON MY LIFE. Also I only read... Continue Reading →


Inventions That Every Bookworm Would Love

Patent pending. Obviously, that means that all these ideas belong to me?? And I definitely, definitely, definitely haven't taken these from people on the internet. (I mean, if you want to make these into real things then you can, just give me 20% of the income. I'd actually love to see them happen?) Anyways, these inventions basically solve... Continue Reading →

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