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Why I Don’t Like That Book

So this is a list of reasons I might not like that book... surprised??? It's not like the title gave you any clue, of course. And of course everyone wants to get a peek at the strange and mysterious inner workings... Continue Reading →

Bad Blood Cover Judging (Not A Review, but Much Judgement)

In this post I'm going to look at a cover. And then I'll judge it. I may or may not fail. This is actually my first time doing a blogging meme. So I'll probably fail (just a heads up). For this post I'm doing a meme by Sailing Through Books, and I'll link back to their post: When I First Saw You.

Goals and Hopes for 2017

Well, well, I know I'm late to the party of writing new year/goodbye year posts. Gosh, like 3 days. Call the police. But late is always fashionable, right? And law bends way for style, apparently. So, in this post, I'm going... Continue Reading →

5 Side Effects Of Reading Too Much

Reading too much? That's a thing? Sureee. Let's just say it is for the sake of this post. Now, I certainly don't suffer from this, as you all know. I'm completely healthy and not crazy at all. Yup.  My sister always says... Continue Reading →

4 Ways Books Destroy Your Life

If you're a rabid bookworm like me, most books have probably left you sobbing in the corner. (No? Alright, then. Me neither, haha. Ha.)

I don't usually read romance. just kidding. What I meant was: I don't usually read books that introduce different problems that aren't just romance and have the premise of "How will she get the Bennington?", but then at the end... Continue Reading →

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