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Why I Don’t Like That Book

So this is a list of reasons I might not like that book...┬ásurprised??? It's not like the title gave you any clue, of course. And of course everyone wants to get a peek at the strange and mysterious inner workings... Continue Reading →

Review: The Orphan’s Tale by Pam Jenoff

I love historical fiction. Especially ones about the Holocaust. This book is up there with all of the greatest historical fiction novels. It was one of those novels that just... clicks. The plot is exciting and I could really relate... Continue Reading →

How To Get Books For Free And Cheap Prices

Hi. This is actually a repost from an earlier post from my old blog, way back in Nov. 20, 2016. So, around 2 months ago. Heheh. Anyways, off we go! By the way, I added some formatting, etc. I also... Continue Reading →

Bad Blood Cover Judging (Not A Review, but Much Judgement)

In this post I'm going to look at a cover. And then I'll judge it. I may or may not fail. This is actually my first time doing a blogging meme. So I'll probably fail (just a heads up). For this post I'm doing a meme by Sailing Through Books, and I'll link back to their post: When I First Saw You.

4 Ways Books Destroy Your Life

If you're a rabid bookworm like me, most books have probably left you sobbing in the corner. (No? Alright, then. Me neither, haha. Ha.)

I don't usually read romance. just kidding. What I meant was: I don't usually read books that introduce different problems that aren't just romance and have the premise of "How will she get the Bennington?", but then at the end... Continue Reading →

All good things must come to an end. If you're the one who said this quote, props to you! (Yes, I said props. Fight me.)

A retelling of One Thousand and One Nights.

Times are Changing (And so has my blog!)

Times are a-changing, people, and so will this blog. Hi. I am here to announce that┬áthis is my new blog. My new blog name is going to be called Blots of Ink and Words. And DON'T WORRY, because I will... Continue Reading →

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