August Blotted Recap // Unofficial Hiatus + Smol Life Updates

HELLO. I'M BACK. Well, I've really already been back the last two posts, but... TECHNICALITY. (Also I published this 12 days after I was planning to publish it, so... I'm back. AGAIN!!) Anyways, this month- for reading- was KIND OF more successful than most other months? I read SEVEN books which wasn't as high as I hoped,... Continue Reading →


My Writing Updates [#1]

I like to say that I'm a writer, when in reality I write 7% of the time and procrastinate the other 93%. Also, this may or may not be a new thing/feature?/(idk what to call it) I shall do to encourage myself to ACTUALLY WRITE MY STORY.* And also because May said I should write... Continue Reading →

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