August Blotted Recap // Unofficial Hiatus + Smol Life Updates

HELLO. I'M BACK. Well, I've really already been back the last two posts, but... TECHNICALITY. (Also I published this 12 days after I was planning to publish it, so... I'm back. AGAIN!!) Anyways, this month- for reading- was KIND OF more successful than most other months? I read SEVEN books which wasn't as high as I hoped,... Continue Reading →


Interview with April Daniels (+ a Giveaway!)

So, I was contacted by Diversion Publishing to feature April Daniels and her sequel to her debut,  recently came out! These are her two books in the Dreadnought sequel! They link to Goodreads of course. This series is #ownvoices and features a trans main character. According to reviewers- the representation of the main character is... Continue Reading →

Mood Readers vs. Scheduled Readers

Readers face many problems. LIFE IS HARD FOR US, M'KAY? Here's a smol list of Reader Problems™ Reading?? Who even has the time??? What?? Losing the page # (They disappear. Just like socks. WHERE DO THE SOCKS EVEN GO.) Other non-readers bothering us while we're reading. #NoOneUnderstands WHY DON'T FICTIONAL WORLDS AND CHARACTERS EXIST THOUGH,... Continue Reading →

How Do You Organize Your Blogging Life?

One of the blogger's* goals is to be organized with their blogging life! Well, mine is. Along with becoming famous, destroying all humans who do not agree with my rule, conquering the earth, eating a variety of foods, and also making my blog better. But let's focus on the organization part! I haven't exactly achieved... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award three times! So thank you to ELISE and ARIS and DANI! And that's 11 questions from each post. SOOOOO I'll just pick a couple of questions that I want to answer and not answer the rest. #QuestionEvasionAgain and also because thirty-three questions would make this post too... Continue Reading →

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