Nemesis by Brendan Reichs // This Whole Book is Too Complicated For My Brain

I'd like to give an award for the coolest premise ever to this book.  The main character, Min, gets killed every two years on her birthday. And also a meteor is threatening to destroy the earth. Like??? When I first heard about this book, I was just like Nemesis is so... complicated and THOSE PLOT TWISTS. I'm... Continue Reading →


Types of Bookstagram Accounts (Feat. My Opinions on Each One)

I love all things aesthetically pleasing. I like to please my eyes, okay?? Don't judge me?? Sometimes there are things that are just /that/ aesthetically pleasing that I can just stare at them for DAYS AND DAYS and never get tired and I just??* Bookstagramming is not for ANYONE, of course! You should feel free... Continue Reading →

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